About the Research

Understanding the views of organisational leaders on the frontline is essential.

In May 2021, Shane Michael Hatton commissioned McCrindle to conduct quantitative research to explore the perceptions and experiences of middle managers in relation to organisational culture.

The key objectives of this research was to:
• Explore middle managers’ understanding of what organisational culture is
• Gain insight into middle managers’ beliefs about their role in shaping culture
• Investigate what builds culture and detracts from culture
• Understand how equipped middle managers feel to influence culture within their organisation.

The Organisational culture report is the collation of quantitative data gained through an online survey of Australian middle managers. The survey was in field from the 30th of July to the 11th of August 2021 and received 1,002 responses.




Leading 5-15 people


In businesses over 101 employees

Culture is your teams unseen advantage.

A pay cheque and perks might get their attention, and a ping-pong table in the break room might make lunchtime more enjoyable, but the culture is your team’s best unseen competitive advantage.


of managers believe

Culture plays an integral role in the overall success of an organisation


of managers believe

Creating a healthy team culture is a crucial element of their role.

Why Culture?

Culture impacts many aspects of organisational success, especially employee engagement.

In what aspects does culture have a ‘massive’ or ‘substantial’ impact on organisational success according to managers?

Employee engagement 83%
Inclusion and diversity 80%
Psychological safety 80%
Staff attraction and retention 80%
Achievement of organisational goals 80%

Only 3% of managers feel completely confident to build great culture.

Organisational Culture Report

Culture Builders.

What do managers believe are the most important ingredients for creating a healthy culture in an organisation?

Collaboration and teamwork 53%
Leaders are visible and approachable 52%
Open communication and feedback 52%
Trusting relationships 50%
Clear and realistic workload expectations 49%

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Covid didn't kill your culture.

Managers whose team have worked remotely in the past two years are more likely to believe COVID-19 and working from home has had a positive impact (massive/moderate) on their organisation and team culture rather than a negative impact (massive/moderate).


of managers said

Covid-19 and working from home has had a positive impact (massive/moderate) on their organisation.


of managers said

Covid-19 and working from home has had a positive impact (massive/moderate) on their team.

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I'm Shane

I’m a global author, trainer, coach and speaker working online, onstage and in person. I’ve spent the last decade developing remarkable leaders and teams.

I’m an expert in leader communication, blending my experience in business and psychology to help leaders communicate, connect and collaborate more effectively in order to bring out the best in those they lead.

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My coaching helps individuals and teams better understand what makes them exceptional and how they can leverage that to achieve individual and collective outcomes.

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