So what now?

If someone didn’t follow through on something when they said they would, there is a reason.

Last week we explored eight of those possible reasons.

From personal experience, an explanation for something might increase your empathy but it won’t necessarily reduce your frustration.

What really helps reduce frustration is the behaviour not happening in the first place.

So beyond just knowing ‘why it doesn’t happen‘ let’s explore ‘what you can do about it‘.

It’s tempting to focus on them. But let’s start with you. Because great leaders don’t shift blame, they take responsibility. And that starts with ensuring we have done everything we can to set up the people on our team to win.

Here’s eight questions you can ask yourself to ensure that the person you’re delegating work to has the best opportunity to follow through.

  1. Do they have the clarity they need for this?
    Take the time to share why this work matters.
  2. Do they have the focus they need for this?
    Make it clear where this work sits in the order of priorities.
  3. Do they have the support they need for this?
    Check in with them professionally and personally.
  4. Do they have the relationships they need for this?
    Explore any perceived people problems. Support any professional introductions.
  5. Do they have the skills they need for this?
    Tell them what they need to know, ask them what they need to get the job done.
  6. Do they have the authority they need for this?
    Ensure they have the power to make the decisions necessary to get the job done.
  7. Do they have the tools they need for this?
    Provide them with the resources necessary to get the job done.
  8. Do they have the outcome they need for this?
    Reinforce what success looks like.

If you want a culture of accountability it starts with personal responsibility.

Here’s a question to think about this week

What am I doing to set up my team for success when delegating work?