Where Does Leadership Happen?

The Conference Room


The Meeting Room


The Lunch Room


If I asked you to take me to the places in your organisation where leadership happens, where would you take me?

Lead The Room

Communicate a message that counts in moments that matter

Capture and communicate your thoughts with greater confidence, clarity and impact.

Raise your visibility and become a trusted leadership voice.

Leverage storytelling to build trust, share learning and accelerate change.

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Lead The Conversation

Move from ‘team problem solver’ to a ‘team of problem solvers’

Harness the power of ‘asking more’ and ‘telling less’ to enhance the performance, engagement and development of your team.

Develop a team culture of bottom up initiative.

Individualise the employee experience to better engage your team.

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Lead The Culture

Create a world class team culture by design.

Understand how shared values, behaviours, language and accountability shape 

Equip your people to have conversations that build culture.

Create a strengths based approach to development to harness and amplify the best parts of your culture.

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Learn more about my programs and how we can partner together to develop remarkable people leaders

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You don’t find great leaders. You Develop Them

We are going to work together to help your good leaders become remarkable. We’ll turn your high potential teams into high performance teams.


So that you can get out of the transactional and into the strategic.

You can get above ‘working in’ the business to ‘working on’ the business to achieve your strategic objectives.

Closing the leadership gap between your people leaders and executive leaders means less time dealing with problems and more time creating valuable and innovative solutions.

It also means your talent pipeline is full of high-quality internal candidates to support your succession planning and your foundations remain strong as you continue to grow and scale.

But most importantly, it means you have more time to do the things that are most important to you both professionally and personally.

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In the moments that really matter, people don’t just look for something to inform them, they look to someone who will lead them. They don’t just want a speaker, they need a leader. This is a book about making those moments count.

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Your Guide To A World ClassTeam Culture

Successful leaders and organisations know that culture is the unseen advantage of world class teams. But can it be influenced? And what role do managers play in building and shaping it? Find out in 'Let's Talk Culture'.

“In Let’s Talk Culture, Shane manages to do what many culture experts cannot. That is to simplify the complexity that is culture. Full of stories and insights, Shane unpacks the 5 conversations about culture that every leader should have with their team. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to create a culture worth belonging to.” –Gabrielle Dolan, International keynote speaker and best-selling author of six books including Magnetic Stories and Stories for Work.

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