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Create a world class team culture by design.

Your organisation is a collision of cultures.

The office is where the worlds of personal and organisational culture collide.

It’s the tension that exists between how “I do things” and how “We do things”.

Are you experiencing disengaged team, negative corridor conversations, resistance to change or poor workplace behaviours?

Many of these issues are the product of a culture left to its default. This program will train and equip your leaders with tools and resources to create and shape a world class culture by design.

“Great culture is an organisation’s unseen competitive advantage.”

In this program you’ll learn how to create a culture by design that permeates the organisation in the places you can’t always be. Where every team member knows and understands what is expected of them and is empowered to keep one another accountable to what is expected of them.

This program is for leaders and teams that want to:

You’ll learn how to define, communicate and shape your team or organisational culture through shared value, language, behaviours and accountability.

  • Create greater cultural clarity
  • Give feedback on negative or counter-cultural behaviours in the workplace in a way that is both empowering and elegant.
  • More effectively reward the behaviours that strengthen team or organisational culture.
  • Craft cultural language and stories that help spread and embed your culture message.
  • Shape a world class team culture by choice not chance.
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  1. Explore how leaders can create culture by design.
  2. Understand the four culture conversations.
  3. Confidently deliver tough conversations.
  4. Effectively deliver recognition conversations.
  • Culture Cultural
  • Language and Messaging
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Employee Experience
  • Messaging
  • Cultural Storytelling
  • Strengths Based Development
  • Culture By Design.
  • Culture Language & Messaging.
  • Confronting Conversations
  • Recognition Conversations
  • Strengths Discovery
  • Strengths Collaboration
  • Strengths Leadership

There’s a delivery mode for each program that suits your preferences. Each program can be delivered:


Using your preferred online platform with the latest technology to create a truly unique learning experience.

In person

An energising and interactive experience delivered at your location.

All of the above

A blended experience of in person, self directed and online learning.

Like the look of a program and want it delivered in a particular way? Each program outlined in this guide can be delivered as: 

  • An individual or group coaching program.
  • An engaging and interactive keynote presentation.
  • Short term or long term group training programs.
  • Interactive Masterclasses or Lunch ‘n’ Learn events.
  • Executive retreats