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Individualise the employee experience and engage your people.

Few were prepared for the first mobilisation but we can all be prepared for the next.

While many leaders and organisations are still recovering from rapidly mobilising their workforce and leading in a global pandemic – smart leaders and organisations are now preparing their people for leading out.

As the turbulence calms and we find a new operating rhythm, the next challenge of re-mobilising the workforce is imminent.

Proactive and adaptive leadership wins out over passivity or reactivity. Preparation softens the impact of change on your employees and strengthens engagement. Preparation shortens the recovery time for operations and saves valuable money and resources.

Priorities may have shifted, but investing in leaders remains central to the success of any organisation preparing to re-mobilise.

Research by Gallup has found that now, more than ever in the history of corporate culture, employees are asking:

“Does this organisation value my strengths and contribution and give me the chance to do what I do best every day?”

In this program we explore the five conversations your leaders can have to individualise the employee experience to drive collective performance.

This program is for leaders and teams that want to:

  • Build a deeper understanding of how team members build relationships, think strategically, execute plans and influence others to accomplish goals.
  • Deepen personal and team engagement in a hybrid working environment.
  • Break down or avoid ‘siloed’ and ‘isolated’ team cultures
  • Create greater awareness of how your people feel most valued and recognised in their role.
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  1. Know what brings out the best of your team.
  2. Raise awareness of what triggers your teams performance.
  3. Discover how to effectively engage remote or hybrid teams.
  4. Understand how to reward and retain your top talent.
  • Hybrid and Remote Teams
  • Strengths
  • Team Performance
  • Team Communication
  • Recognition
  • Employee Experience
  • Growth
  • Session Topics:
  • Engaging Remote and Hybrid Teams
  • Individulising the Employee Experience
  • Reward & Recognition Conversations

There’s a delivery mode for each program that suits your preferences. Each program can be delivered:


Using your preferred online platform with the latest technology to create a truly unique learning experience.

In person

An energising and interactive experience delivered at your location.

All of the above

A blended experience of in person, self directed and online learning.

Like the look of a program and want it delivered in a particular way? Each program outlined in this guide can be delivered as: 

  • An individual or group coaching program.
  • An engaging and interactive keynote presentation.
  • Short term or long term group training programs.
  • Interactive Masterclasses or Lunch ‘n’ Learn events.
  • Executive retreats