Let’s Talk Culture – The Conversations You Need to Create the Team You Want


Packed with research-based insights from Australia’s leading workplaces, Let’s Talk Culture is the how-to guide for people leaders who want to shape a world class team culture by design.

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Packed with research-based insights from Australia’s leading workplaces, Let’s Talk Culture is the how-to guide for people leaders who want to shape a world class team culture by design.

Successful leaders and organisations know that culture is the unseen advantage of world class teams. But can it be influenced? And what role do managers play in building and shaping it?  Author and expert in leader communication, Shane Michael Hatton, says the research suggests it can be influenced and that the people leader plays a crucial role – but it all starts with effective communication. Based on extensive research with people leaders on the ground, Let’s Talk Culture reveals the five practical conversations people leaders need to have to design a world class team culture within their organisation. An easy-to-understand guide for future culture champions, this book will give you the tools to build a team that attracts and retains your top talent, confidently address cultural inconsistencies in the workplace and meaningfully reward the behaviours that strengthen your team culture.

‘Organisational culture’s built through words and actions. This book shows you the conversations you need to spark the behaviour you want to create the culture you desire.’

Michael Bungay Stanier, bestselling author of The Coaching Habit and How to Begin

‘In Let’s Talk Culture, Shane manages to do what many culture experts cannot: simplify the complexity that is culture. Full of stories and insights, Shane unpacks the five conversations about culture that every leader should have with their team. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to create a culture worth belonging to.’

Gabrielle Dolan, International keynote speaker and bestselling author of six books, including Magnetic Stories and Stories for Work

‘Although leaders intuitively know that culture is key to the success of their organisations and the wellbeing of their employees, it is a notoriously slippery construct. Shane helps leaders gain traction by distilling a broad set of research findings and ideas into compelling frameworks, providing concrete examples of practices others have followed, and offering practical advice for putting the ideas into action. I would highly recommend this book to any leader embarking on a large-scale program of culture change.’

Sameer B. Srivastava, Associate Professor and Ewald T. Grether Chair in Business Administration and Public Policy at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, University of California; Co-director Berkeley Culture Initiative

‘It’s true that the best storytelling wins, but the leader who knows how to talk about culture helps the entire team win. In this engaging and entertaining book, Shane has crafted the roadmap for exactly how to have those critical conversations that will help you craft the kinds of culture everyone is taking about. I wish I’d had this book when I started my managerial journey 20 years ago. If you’re charged with managing others, this book is the companion you’ve been looking for.’

Mike Ganino, Public speaking and storytelling coach; creator of The Mike Drop Moment

‘Great stuff from Shane, who not only decodes culture, but also provides the data that senior managers require to fund its investment of time and money and the practical insights necessary to do it well, every time.’

Colin D. Ellis, international speaker, culture change facilitator and author of Culture Hacks

‘After over 20 years running my recruitment business, speaking to different organisations daily about the highs and lows of leading people, I can’t express enough the impact culture has on the success of an organisation and the overall job satisfaction of people who work there. What I love about Shane’s book is he really gets to the heart of what drives culture and, through learning from some of the best places to work in Australia, shares with us some of the key actions leaders can take to influence and shape the culture they aspire to. Most of what I have learnt as a leader has been through trial and error and many years of experience; I wish I had read this book earlier in my career.’

Nikki Beaumont, Founder and CEO of Beaumont People

‘As a leader, how do you comprehend something you can see, feel and experience every day, yet struggle to explain to anyone outside of it? You have a conversation. Many conversations. Let’s Talk Culture provides the conversations every leader who wants to be intentional about culture must first have with themselves. Shane skilfully weaves hundreds of impressions together and casually yet pragmatically offers the blueprint to growing a culture that lives, is inclusive, and wins.’

James Comer, Head of People and Communities, Australia and New Zealand, Cisco

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