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Build trust and connection with transformational storytelling.

Leading with stories isn’t just about knowing how to tell a story.

It’s also knowing what story to tell and when.

Research by Neuroscientist Paul Zak has found that “character-driven stories with emotional content result in a better understanding of the key points a speaker wishes to make and enable better recall of these points weeks later”. If you have ever had the privilege of speaking to a room full of people, you will have experienced how effective storytelling can cut through and connect.

But the power of story isn’t just limited to how a leader communicates to an external audience.

Stories are a powerful tool to build trust, share learning and accelerate change internally.

They are the secret weapon of great leaders to bring teams together and align them around a common purpose.

They build the bridge of empathy amongst team members and create a glue that connects  teams together.

A great communicator can connect with both the head and the heart.

Effective communication is a practice of both science and art. This program is about navigating that space well.

This program is for leaders and teams that want to:

  • Use the art of transformational storytelling to create a deeper level of trust, awareness and empathy amongst your team.
  • Gain practical skills and experience to communicate with greater confidence, clarity and connection.
  • Discover how to translate data and bring out insights in stories that connect with both the head and the heart of your team.
  • Explore the power of metaphor to connect your ideas.
Learn More About My Lead The Room Program
  1. Learn four reasons why leaders should tell stories.
  2. Understand the three stories every leader needs.
  3. Overcome the two story objections.
  4. Use the one key to creating change through stories
  • Storytelling
  • Communication
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Communication
  • Positioning
  • Influence
  • Trust
  • Messaging
  • Discover Your Signature Stories.
  • The Art & Science of Communication.
  • Elevating Human.
  • Three Stories Every Leader Needs.
  • Metaphor Masterclass

There’s a delivery mode for each program that suits your preferences. Each program can be delivered:


Using your preferred online platform with the latest technology to create a truly unique learning experience.

In person

An energising and interactive experience delivered at your location.

All of the above

A blended experience of in person, self directed and online learning.

Like the look of a program and want it delivered in a particular way? Each program outlined in this guide can be delivered as: 

  • An individual or group coaching program.
  • An engaging and interactive keynote presentation.
  • Short term or long term group training programs.
  • Interactive Masterclasses or Lunch ‘n’ Learn events.
  • Executive retreats