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A practical approach to the creative process

There are two big misconceptions about great ideas.

The first is that they exist in a brief flash of insight in a moment. The second is that they are reserved for some small group of exceptionally talented people.

If these thoughts were true it would be understandable that people would have a particular set of beliefs about ideas.

That maybe they are just for some and not for others That maybe they don’t have any good or original ideas. That maybe the feeling deep down of wanting to make a contribution to the team or to the world is pointless. But…

Great ideas aren’t just a single moment but a series of moments. And ideas aren’t just for somebody but for everybody.

This program helps people address the fear of failure and look at the creative process laterally when ideas don’t come naturally.

We’ll explore why many great ideas stop one step short of break through and how you can navigate the valley of despair that comes in the creative process.

This program is for leaders and teams that want to:

  • Remove the stigma of  limited ‘creativity’ in technical roles or sectors.
  • Learn a practical process to generate creative ideas.
  • Develop a team culture of innovation and experimentation.
  • Capture the creative potential of your team.
  • Move past the fear of failure.
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  1. Learn a simple process for creative thinking.
  2. Understand the six moments of ideation and how to leverage them.
  3. Identify the six enemies of creativity and how to overcome them.
  • Ideation
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Exploration
  • Failure
  • When Ideas Don’t Come Naturally…Think Laterally.

  • Simple steps for tricky problems

There’s a delivery mode for each program that suits your preferences. Each program can be delivered:


Using your preferred online platform with the latest technology to create a truly unique learning experience.

In person

An energising and interactive experience delivered at your location.

All of the above

A blended experience of in person, self directed and online learning.

Like the look of a program and want it delivered in a particular way? Each program outlined in this guide can be delivered as: 

  • An individual or group coaching program.
  • An engaging and interactive keynote presentation.
  • Short term or long term group training programs.
  • Interactive Masterclasses or Lunch ‘n’ Learn events.
  • Executive retreats