If I gave you a bandaid and you weren’t bleeding you’d probably look at me like I was crazy. You might even try to give it back to me or discard it.

But if you left the conversation and accidentally cut yourself, I bet you’d be grateful you had it.

Sometimes we receive advice or feedback and it helps us treat a problem that we have. Sometimes it is preparing us to deal with a problem we are yet to experience.

I’ve learned not to discard things too quickly, even when it doesn’t seem relevant or even useful at the time.

Sometimes it’s about stopping the bleeding and sometimes it’s about having something when the bleeding comes.

Sometimes it’s for you. Sometimes it’s for others. Maybe the bandaid isn’t just for you but for the first aid kit to help others.

Whatever it is, however crazy it sounds, be careful not to discard it too quickly. You never know when it might come in handy.

Sometimes it’s for now, sometimes it’s for later.