How To Be A Number One Number Two – Followership

We hear a lot about how to lead well when you're number one. A lot less about how to lead well when you're number two.

Minors That Are Majors – ‘Margins’

Like a swim in the ocean with an undercurrent, it's easy to get caught up in the drift. We start with the best intentions, clear boundaries and appropriate margins. Then we add.

Minors That Are Majors: ‘Recognition’

No news is good news? As it turns out, no news is actually very bad news for employees.

Minors That Are Majors – ‘Conversations’

Avoiding one difficult conversation might seem like a minor, but it can have major consequences.

Minors That Are Majors – ‘Short’

Every run I have a decision to make. Do I turnaround at Short Street or wait to cross the road and complete the distance?

Minors That Are Majors – ‘But’

I love a brother (ouch). I think your idea is great...BUT...we don't have the budget (insert eye roll). Sir Mix-A-Lot may like a big BUT, your team on the other…

Minors That Are Majors – ‘Small’

Small is underrated. We rarely celebrate finishing 1 page in a book. We aren't excited losing just 1kg. We don't get the productivity crown by responding to 1 email.And yet, small…

New Year, New…Belt

I’m not one for New Years resolutions. In most part it’s because I don’t like starting my new year feeling like a failure. Because the reality is I am almost certain to break…

Just Twenty Seconds (Of Insane Courage)

Have you ever felt your heart pounding so forcefully it feels like it might just beat right out of your chest? For many people I work with that’s the feeling they get while…

TGIF (A Why For Your Weekend)

What does the weekend mean for you? When Friday rolls around each week, what’s your reason for saying 'Thank God It’s Friday'? (TGIF) For many leaders TGIF means a well needed…

Presentation Tension (Why You Need It. How To Build It.)

Tension might not be good to have in your neck but it’s very good to have in a presentation. Tension is the feeling of discomfort we get when we are caught between two opposing…

Confidently Humble  (And Why That’s Not An Oxymoron)

With over 650,000 copies already sold and well on his way to a million copies in the first twelve months of release, you would forgive James Clear – author of Atomic Habits – for…