It’s just one conversation…it’s not a big deal, right?

The pit in your stomach when you cross paths with that person would suggest otherwise.
The fictional back and forth in your mind would indicate that there’s an issue here.

Avoiding one difficult conversation might seem like a minor, but it can have major consequences.

We can’t change what we’re unwilling to confront.

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VitalSmarts, who you may know for their work on ‘Crucial Conversations‘ found that employees waste an average of $1,500 and an 8-hour workday for every crucial conversation they avoid.

If a difficult conversation comes to mind, now is the time to address it. Here’s a few tips.

  1. Be Proactive – Address it quickly. Don’t wait and build your case.
  2. Be Specific – Share an observation from your perspective. Speak to the facts. Give practical examples.
  3. Be Clear – Make the impact of this behaviour explicit.
  4. Be Humble – Ask for their input. Be open and willing to hear their perspective.
  5. Be Ready – Know what you would like to look different and be prepared to take ownership for your part.

A question to reflect on:

“What weight of frustration am I carrying that could be resolved through effective conversation?”

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