"This book is less about presentation skills and more about platform leadership."

What We Really Need

We don’t needBetter Speakers. We need moreEffective Leaders.

This book isn’t a primer on becoming a better speaker, though if it helps you nail your next presentation that’s great. The real goal is to help you become a more effective leader.In ‘Lead The Room' you’re invited to think bigger and aim higher than the idea of presentation skills. To think holistically about how you can communicate and connect more effectively. This book will give you the tools to raise your visibility, leverage your leadership platform and lead with more impact at scale.

What's Covered?

When people think about communication, they immediately begin to ask questions that begin with ‘how’.

How do I get my team on board with an idea?
How can I be more persuasive?
How can I get my message across better?
How can I have more influence?

When they ask these questions, they are missing a much bigger picture. Of course we want to know the tips and tricks, the tactics and tools to help us become more confident communicators and leaders. While ‘how’ is important, it shouldn’t be the only focus. In this book we zoom out on your leadership and think more holistically. Firstly, ‘who’ are you as a leader? Then ‘what’ do you have to say? Then ‘how’ can you say it more effectively. Lead the Room is neatly presented in three parts, as we journey through ‘three big obsessions’:


Developing your character and leading your narrative, building your credibility and managing your reputation as a leader.


Determining the value you offer, defining the message you want to convey and delivering your message with impact.


Getting better at thinking, investing in yourself, asking for feedback and learning how to fail better.


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