1. Dependability – A commitment to get it done.

Great leaders can be relied on to get the job done. When a ball is thrown to them, they not only catch it, they run with it (and will more than likely kick a goal at the end). People who have high dependability are more likely to be given high responsibility. Dependability is proven in small tasks and over time rewarded in large opportunity. Its usually the insignificant that lands us IN-significant. Dependable leaders know how to operate with high autonomy while at the same time producing high productivity.

Self Reflection: What am I doing with what I have been given right now? What small opportunity now is developing me to handle large opportunities later?

2. Teachability – A desire to get bigger.

Leaders are learners. When we stop learning, we stop growing. The root system of a plant is designed to grow and expand. When bound to a small pot, the root system stunts the growth and health of the entire plant. Remaining teachable expands the root system of leadership and only produces more health and growth in the long term. Great leader’s understand the value of being a small fish in a big pond as opposed to the deceptive influence of being a big fish in a small pond.

Self Reflection: Where in my leadership journey have I stopped learning? When was the last time I was in an environment where I felt out of my depth?

3. Capability – A passion to get better.

Your best is progressive. Your best this year should not be your best next year. Great leaders have a passion not just to get bigger, but to get better. Even the most amateur musicians understand the importance of practicing scales and maintaining their instrument, in the same way great leaders understand the important of refining their skills and staying on the forefront of knowledge in their field.

Self Reflection: What skills do I need to refine? What skills do I need to seek training in? In what areas has my industry changed that I have not?

4. Accountability – A willingness to get help.

There’s a great proverb that says “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Great leaders aren’t to proud to surround themselves with the right people who will hold them responsible for the decisions they make. A lack of accountability is not a sign of pioneering leadership, it’s a sign of irresponsible leadership.

Self Reflection: Who in my life or business will hold me responsible for the decisions I make?

5. Approachability – A humility to get over yourself.

Great leaders are approachable. This does not mean that they will be accessible to every person all the time but it does mean that are never too big to listen. Approachability produces an ease for those you lead to bring both good and bad news to you without fear.

Self Reflection: If it is important, does my team know how to reach me? Can a person bring bad news to me and not just good?