What you can do about it.

If someone didn't follow through on something when they said they would, there is a reason.

Why it doesn’t happen.

In our culture study of 1,000 Australian managers, a 'lack of accountability' was one of the top five contributors to an unhealthy team culture.

What is Culture…really? – Culture is collective

The one thing that’s clear about culture is that culture isn’t clear.

What is Culture…really? – Culture is hard to define

Have you heard the story of the three goldfish?

Culture Conversations (Getting from Chaos to Clarity)

The culture of your team will be a reflection of the conversations in your team. Both the conversation’s you have and those you won’t.It’s the conversations you won’t have that…

Building a Culture? (Or Just a Cult)

Repeat after me “this is not a cult”. (Well deserved attribution of that joke to Matt Church which always gives me a good chuckle.) Few people would argue with the fact that…

Get More Out of Meetings (With Just One Question)

We try to get out of them and we do everything we can to avoid them, but meetings aren’t going anywhere.  So how can leaders ensure that we get the most out of them?

What To Do When You Catch Someone (Doing Something Right)

You don’t need to search too deep in any organisation or team to catch someone doing something wrong or to point out a problem that needs to be fixed. But when was the last time…