Facing Feedback – Initiate

Growth is central to the leadership journey. You can’t lead if you won’t grow but you won’t grow if you can’t face feedback.

Elevating Empathy – Meaning

The goal of communication isn't just an exchange of words, it's a transfer of meaning.

Elevating Empathy – Personal

It's about us. But it's also not about us.

Elevating Empathy – Experience

You won't always be able to relate to someones circumstance, but there's a good chance you could relate to the context.

Elevating Empathy – Judgement

You might know that I'm an author, trainer, coach, speaker and facilitator. I'm also a runner, a creative and a very bad dancer.

Elevating Empathy – Understanding

You don't have to agree with a person to show empathy. You do need to understand.

Elevating Empathy – Emotion

People who lead with a strong Empathy theme sense other people’s feelings and lead more intuitively and emotionally. For those with this as a lesser theme, it can seem as though…

Elevating Empathy – Now More Than Ever

As we live and lead in a world that can feel increasingly polarised, we need empathy now more than ever.

How to Feel in Control Without Being Controlling – Delegate Authority

"Stop!" If a stranger approached you on the street shouting it, would you?

How to Feel in Control Without Being Controlling – Less ‘How’

A few years ago I was coaching an executive who was leading her team through the rollout of a new strategic plan.

How to Feel in Control Without Being Controlling – Make it about Performance

Just because it's not the way you would have arrived there doesn't mean others are wrong.

How to Feel in Control Without Being Controlling – Focus on Outcomes

I don't need to remind you that the last 18 months has transformed the way we work.