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Question:Why do we look to leaders in important moments?Watch the video and reflect on this question for our workshop.

Communicate a message that counts in moments that matter

Communication isn’t just a ‘helpful skill ’, it is a leadership imperative and hallmark of the best leaders.

It remains one of the crucial skills for 21st century leadership. James C. Humes, an American presidential speech writer put it this way:

“Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership”

Our world is more globally connected than ever before, with easier access to information than at any point in history, yet in the important moments – the moments that really matter – people aren’t just looking for something that can inform them, they are looking to someone who will lead them.

This is a program about making those moments count. To communicate a message that not only engages and inspires but also one that mobilises and compels people to take action.

In this program I invite you to think bigger and aim higher than the idea of presentation skills or simply public speaking.

This program is for leaders that want to:

  • Become a trusted and credible leadership voice.
  • Accelerate change and buy-in
  • Capture and communicate your thoughts with greater confidence and clarity.
  • Extend your reach and influence within your sector or organisation.
  • Mobilise people towards action both internally and externally.’
  • Build and leverage your leadership platform to lead with more impact at scale.
  1. Learn how to become a trusted leadership voice.
  2. Understand the three obsessions of effective communicators.
  3. Use the ‘Flight Path Process’ to capture and communicate your thoughts with clarity, confidence and impact.

3. The Technical Bits

By now you might be a seasoned pro at virtual meetings. But here's a few simple but super practical tips to improve your online delivery.

Who Is this guy?

Shane is a leadership communication speaker, author and trainer committed to helping leaders build and leverage their leadership platform to lead, influence and mobilise their people.

Based in Melbourne, Shane has spent the last 12 years working with and speaking to leaders in organisations in the government, retail, creative and not-for-profit sectors. Shane blends his experience in business and psychology to help leaders leverage important moments and communicate with greater confidence and clarity.

If you’re looking for him in his down time, you’ll likely find him buried in a good book. And when restrictions allow it, he is usually surrounded by good friends where great coffee can be found.

Shane is a member of the Forbes Global Coaches Council, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and the author of ‘Lead The Room – Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter’.


In the moments that really matter, people don’t just look for something to inform them, they look to someone who will lead them. They don’t just want a speaker, they need a leader. This is a book about making those moments count.

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