Engagement Agreement

Let’s Do Great Work Together.

The best work comes out of great relationships. Honesty, respect and gratitude are the keys to a great working relationship and therefore we have an interest in treating each other with these values at all times. As much as legal documents are important, what truly binds us is our drive to do great work with great people and to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

  1. Any prices quoted are valid for 30 days.

  2. Costings cover preparation and delivery of the agreed service. It does not cover:

    • Travel expenses (e.g. flights) and accommodation (unless otherwise agreed upon)

    • Printing and or provision of workbooks and other materials. (unless otherwise agreed upon)

    • Venue / equipment hire and catering (if required)

  3. As any booking effectively removes Shane from the market for the agreed date(s), payment of a confirmation invoice is required to secure your booking. This will also allows Shane to commence with any specific preparation required for your event. This usually includes research, future meetings or phone calls, tailoring content, developing slide packs, logistics, etc. A confirmation invoice will accompany any agreement.

  4. All invoices, unless otherwise stated, are payable within 30 days.

  5. For all bookings under $10,000 AUD, the full fee is required upfront to secure and confirm Shane.

  6. Bookings over $10,000 AUD require a 50% deposit of total fee upon agreement to secure and confirm your booking, with the remaining 50% required 30 days prior to any event. Shane operates a ‘No Pay, No Fly’ policy.

  7. The booking is not confirmed until full fee or 50% deposit have been received as per above.

  8. Payment method is via Electronic Funds Transfer. Details will be included on the confirmation invoice.

  9. To save us chasing you, please send remittance advice to contact@shanemhatton.com.

  1. For all work where travel is required, expenses including flights & accommodation are additional (unless otherwise agreed upon). Shane requires fully flexible flights or business class for all flights longer than 3 hours duration (this includes all international flights). Where business class is not available to certain destinations, Shane travels full economy. Shane chooses to carbon offset flights and we generally prefer to make these bookings ourselves (as Shane’s itinerary is often complex).

  2. All reasonable out-of-pocket expenses related to bookings with Shane are additional. This may include transfers, taxis, internet access, rental cars,  petrol, parking and workshop materials as required. This will not include alcohol, gifts, long distance calls or anything ridiculous.

  3. Any additional expenses will be invoiced within 14 days from the completion of delivery. Please note we do not itemise this invoice with dates and services provided or provide scanned copies of tax receipts for expenses unless specified as a requirement prior to our agreement.

  4. Workshop material (if anything outside of the norm) will be passed on at cost, if not arranged by yourselves through your own preferred providers. Shane does have preferred pens, flipchart paper, etc. as he just wants your people to have the best experience possible. He won’t throw a tantrum over this.

  5. For bookings outside of Melbourne where events start before midday (local time) then accommodation is required the night before. For events that finish after 5:00 pm (local time), and appropriate travel arrangements are not available then accommodation is required for the night of the event. These will be included as expenses and invoiced as per above. Late checkouts may result due to booking times.

Whether presenting, training or facilitating, Shane uses various tried and tested tools in order to provide participants with the best experience possible. Please review Shane’s Event Details for all requirements and to ensure a successful event which provides participants with the best experience possible.

Please be aware you will be liable for payment unless cancellation or request for postponement is made in accordance with these terms.

  1. Cancellation 14 days or less in advance of the booked date – 80% of payable fee

  2. Cancellation 14 to 21 days of the booked date – 60% of payable fee

  3. Cancellation 21 to 31 days in advance of the booked date – 25% of payable fee

  4. In the extremely unlikely event of cancellation by Shane Hatton, all monies paid will be refunded immediately, or invested in credit towards an alternative booking. In any case, you will hear from us ASAP. Shane and his team are not liable for any costs you may have incurred in such instances.

Please click to download and review Shane’s Professional Indemnity and Public Liability.

In accordance with the Victorian Governments COVIDSafe Plan requirements:

  1. Shane is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  2. As according to current state government requirements on the meeting/event date(s), any PPE required, such as face masks will be supplied and worn by Shane.
  3. Shane cleans and disinfects any equipment brought onsite and sticks to any single use items to prevent spreading contaminates.
  4. In the unlikely case of COVID-19 symptoms, Shane will postpone attending any onsite meeting/events unless proven negative by a PCR or RAT.
  5. Shane will abide by any onsite requirements that may be in conjunction with these steps.
  1. All advice, reports, recommendations and suggestions by Shane Hatton and his team are general in nature. By proceeding and/or confirming to any agreement, you agree to release Shane Hatton and all representatives from any and all liability. In this, you agree to manage your business so all decisions are yours to own, which includes future happenings whether associated or not with the services you have engaged Shane Hatton and his team to provide. “We care, but it’s your responsibility.”

  2. Intellectual Property – from your side.
    The material used in the design and delivery of services by Shane Hatton is the intellectual property of Shane Hatton and all rights to its use are reserved under Australian Copyright Law.

  3. Personal information and privacy – from our side.
    All information and personal details obtained will only be captured for use with Shane Hatton and will not be sold, shared or detailed to anyone with details identifying individuals. We may from time-to-time post photos of events on Shane’s social media or website, which will always be accompanied with enthusiasm for the event and gratitude.

  4. Confidentiality – from both of us!
    By agreeing to work with Shane, both (yourself and Shane) recognise that during the course of this engagement both will become privy to sensitive and confidential material that is the property of the other. Therefore, let’s agree that both will ensure to not unwittingly, knowingly or deliberately divulge this material to anyone outside of our working agreement.

  5. Shane reserves the right to record video or have photos taken which may be used in public locations (like websites) for future marketing use (as in 3 above).

  6. Shane really values your feedback! We aim to obtain feedback from you which may be in the form of a testimonial, quick survey or via a few short questions and, depending on the location and the setup, this may be on the spot or emailed to participants within 14 days.

  7. Acknowledgement of agreements via email and/or payment of the confirmation invoice indicates and confirms your agreement terms set out in this agreement.

This is how Shane usually operates.
However, Shane completely understands that in some circumstances, these terms may need to be talked through before we work together. Please ensure you review Shane’s Event Details page for requirements and feel free to email via contact@shanemhatton.com to discuss your specific needs.