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Helping leaders build and strengthen team & organisational culture through effective communication and conversations.

Your organisation is a collision of cultures! The office is where the worlds of personal and organisational culture collide. It’s the tension that exists between how “I do things” and how “We do things”. Are you experiencing disengaged team, negative corridor conversations, resistance to change or poor workplace behaviours? Often these issues are the product of a default culture. This program will train and equip your leaders with tools and resources to create and shape a world class culture by design. Learn how to move from chaos, resistance and uncertainty to greater levels of consistency, ownership and clarity in your team or organisational culture.

Who is this program for?

  • Leaders wanting to define and embed organisational or team culture 
  • Leaders wanting to build on or strengthen organisational or team culture.
  • Leaders experiencing recurring resistance to change or new ideas.
  • Leaders avoiding important and difficult performance conversations.
  • Teams experiencing negative corridor conversations. 

Learn how to define, communicate and shape your team or organisational culture through effective conversations.

What will you Learn?

Learn how to move from a default culture to a culture by design. The program explores a number of key topics including:

  • What is culture?
  • Determining the current state of your culture.
  • A process for defining your ideal team or organisational culture. 
  • The power or framing and language in shaping your ideal culture. 
  • Building a cultural communication plan. 
  • Storytelling as a tool for communicating culture. 
  • Aligning culture and organisational values 
  • Shaping culture through confirmation and confrontation conversations.
  • Gaining commitment and ownership.

Who I have worked with

Move from chaos, resistance and uncertainty to greater levels of consistency, ownership and clarity

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