What you can do about it.

If someone didn't follow through on something when they said they would, there…

Why it doesn’t happen.

In our culture study of 1,000 Australian managers, a 'lack of accountability'…

What is Culture…really? – Culture is by design or default

Culture is by design or by default

What is Culture…really? – Culture is seen

Making culture observable

What is Culture…really? – Culture is unseen

Can you point to culture?

What is Culture…really? – Culture is collective

The one thing that’s clear about culture is that culture isn’t clear.

What is Culture…really? – Culture is hard to define

Have you heard the story of the three goldfish?

Facing Feedback – Understanding

Are you understanding or just behaving?

Facing Feedback – Seeking

They are clearly wrong! But what if they weren't?

Facing Feedback – Welcome

Is feedback an attack or a gift?

Facing Feedback – Respond

I punched him right in the throat. It wasn’t intentional. It was just an…

Facing Feedback – Initiate

Growth is central to the leadership journey. You can’t lead if you won’t grow…

Elevating Empathy – Meaning

The goal of communication isn't just an exchange of words, it's a transfer of…

Elevating Empathy – Personal

It's about us. But it's also not about us.

Elevating Empathy – Experience

You won't always be able to relate to someones circumstance, but there's a good…

Elevating Empathy – Judgement

You might know that I'm an author, trainer, coach, speaker and facilitator. I'm…

Elevating Empathy – Emotion

People who lead with a strong Empathy theme sense other people’s feelings and…