Helping leaders leverage their potential for greater influence, visbility, earning capacity and personal fulfilment.

Limited Places for 2018

The best leaders are ones who bring the best out of those around them. That is what I strive to do. As a coach, I am passionate about helping high caliber leaders leverage their potential and make meaningful progress. 

I know what it’s like to understand your potential within, but need a little guidance to help see it realised. I can relate to feeling ‘stuck’ sometimes, wondering how you can take your next step forward in your professional development. I’m here to help you gain perspective and build awareness of the current roadblocks to your personal success and fulfilment.

Holding a degree in business and marketing and postgraduate studies in counselling, I get the complexities of both business and people. My work is a delicate balance between strategy and knowing you have someone in your corner that you can go to. 

I draw from my leadership in organisations across the government, not-for-profit, creative and retail industries for the past 12 years and I am passionate about making a difference by building and strengthening leadership and culture. As a creative leader I like to take people on the road less traveled so you can be sure a journey with me won’t be like any other.

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation of how we can do great work together.

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The most valuable contribution to your organisation you can make, is to be the best version of you. 

Why this Program?

Are You:

  • Feeling Stuck? 
  • Looking for ways to take your next step forward in your leadership development? 
  • Ready to expand your leadership capacity?
  • Navigating a difficult season or transition?
  • Looking to build your personal brand or progress in your career?
  • New to Leadership or looking for strategies to build and strengthen your leadership team and culture?

This program is for leaders wanting to:

  • Gain perspective and build awareness of current challenges and roadblocks to personal success and fulfilment. 
  • Promote greater health and balance in their career.
  • Leverage and grow their influence to inspire action and change.
  • Take their next step forward in their leadership development.
  • Gain deeper understanding of their own leadership strengths.   
  • Position themselves now for their next opportunity.  
  • Maximise personal performance and development.

What you will Learn?

My desire is that you experience real personal momentum; a tangible sense that you are closer toward your goal than when you started. During your one-on-one sessions I will work alongside you to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be through building confidence, generating motivation and gaining insight into strengths and opportunities for the journey ahead.

During our time together we will explore the following key themes 

  • Challenge: Knowing the difference between your ‘presenting problem’ and your ‘real challenge’. Gain deeper understanding of your key roadblocks to your personal and professional success and fulfilment. 
  • Clarity: Get greater clarity on what meaningful progress looks like for you. Understand what it means to live a life by design rather than by default. 
  • Choices: Build greater awareness of potential pathways to take your next step. Learn skills for effective decision making and build personal resources.  
  • Commitment: Understand the drivers for your success and the barriers that often cause leaders to get ‘stuck’. Learn how to deal with setbacks, manage competing priorities and commit to the game plan.

This program is for leaders who are ready to do the work and make meaningful progress. 

As a leader we need to know that we have someone in our corner at our time of need. I am not just a coach or mentor. I will be that person in your corner to celebrate with you, be your confidant and hold your accountable to make the change you desire to make. 

About the Program

Program Details (Melbourne)

  • Limited places available

The Unstuck Program includes:

  • 1 x Setup for Success Session with Shane prior to program.  
  • 6 x 1 -1 Private Coaching sessions with Shane (Face to Face).
  • 3 x 1 -1 Private Coaching sessions with Shane (Skype). 
  • Weekly leadership content and tips delivered via email
  • Shane’s recommended reads: receive a book of the month, every month during the program.
  • Weekly accountability helping you progress.
  • 1 x Strengths Assessment
  • 10 x Progress Accelerator Calls with Shane

This is a unique program for those serious about making real progress and becoming a more effective leader. 

Your Investment

$5,000+GST for an extraordinary journey with Shane. 

Gain perspective and build awareness of your current roadblocks to personal success and fulfilment.

What's Next?

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