Everybody needs a coach. Someone to help them develop and apply their CliftonStrengths to win at work — and everywhere else. I'm here to help.

Coaching is the key to being your best, at work or at home. You hear it all the time: Invest in yourself. But you can’t do that alone. To get the most out of what you naturally do best, you need a coach. Someone trained to help you turn your talents into strengths and use them effectively.To overcome obstacles. To improve performance. To accomplish goals.

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Why Strengths?

Our talents and strengths are quick, powerful, dynamic and transformative. When people learn how to consciously seek and invent ways to apply their talents to their goals and tasks, their ability to perform with excellence increases substantially. Gallup has studied human nature and behaviour for more than 75 years. They have discovered that people who know their talents and have the opportunity to use them at work see a range of benefits, including:

Quality of Life

People who know and use their strengths are THREE TIMES as likely to have an excellent quality of life.


People who know and use their strengths are 7.8% more productive in their role.

Top Performance

People who know and use their strengths are SIX TIMES as likely to do what they do best every day. 


People who know and use their strengths are SIX TIMES as likely to be engaged at work.

What's Different?

Your best bet for success lies in building on who you already are, not in trying to become someone you’re not.

Gallup research has proven the best opportunity for people to grow and develop - and net the greatest return on investment - is to identify the ways in which they most naturally think, feel and behave, and then build upon those talents to create strengths: the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance.

Conventional Approach

Maintain each person’s strengths and work on fixing weaknesses

Strengths Based Approach

Focus on each person’s strengths and manage around weaknesses

Who is this for?

Get the best out of your people to get the best out of your business

Gallup research reveals that the most effective leaders are always investing in strengths. They understand that how they position, develop and empower their people makes all the difference in their workplace culture. And they experience firsthand the benefits, both measurable and immeasurable, that a strengths-based culture can bring to their business.

Individuals that want to

• Discover what makes you exceptional and maximise your potential.
• Uncover which talents you rely on to build relationships, think strategically, execute plans and influence others to accomplish goals
• Build better relationships at work.
• Have greater self-awareness and a new language for understanding and discussing what you naturally do best.

Team leaders that want to

• Go beyond being the ‘boss’ & coach your team to greatness.
• Help your people play to their CliftonStrengths to improve their performance and engagement at work.
• Maximise your team’s potential.
• Position your team to thrive using their talents.
• Coach your team with conversations that improve performance.
• Give your people a common language to understand and communicate more effectively.

Organisations and teams that want to

• Create stronger teams and a strengths-based workplace.
• Give every employee the opportunity to discover what they naturally do best and learn to use those talents to perform to their maximum potential.
• Tackle turnover and boost performance by focusing on CliftonStrengths and engagement.
• Cultivate improved collaboration.
• Empower team leaders to get the most out of their people’s CliftonStrengths.
• Build a culture that focuses on continual growth and improvement among everyone in the organisation

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About the Program

We will work to move you up the ladder away from self doubt and limiting mindsets to a place where you learn to leverage your unique talents for greater influence and engagement.

Are you or your team experiencing:

  • Self doubt or a lack of confidence in your leadership ability.
  • Leaders struggling to maximise team performance and development. 
  • Leaders operating as ‘problem solvers’ and ‘doers’ rather than ‘coaches’.
  • Disengaged Team Members.
  • Leaders avoiding important and difficult conversations.
  • A plateau in professional development and ready to take your next step forward. 

What's Included:


Pre Coaching

  • 1 x  ‘Setup for Success’ session with key stakeholders and Shane for high level design considerations.
  •  1 x CliftonStrengths Assessment


Coaching Program

  • 1 -1 Private Coaching sessions with Shane (Face to Face or Skype)
  • Participant workbook & Materials (where relevant)
  • Access to exclusive online coaching portal
  • Weekly content and input delivered to you via online coaching portal
  • Weekly accountability helping you to progress.
  • 12 Point Participant Progress Checklist to Embed Learning.
  • Access to Progress Accelerator Calls with Shane
  • Shane’s ‘Recommended Reads’


Post Coaching

  • Program evaluation summary
  • Growth areas identified for potential further development
  • 6 month touchpoint meeting to discuss learning outcomes and progress

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