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Good leaders develop followers. Great leaders develop leaders. Identifying and developing leaders is not easy but it is necessary, and there is no more unique challenge than raising and developing leaders who work or serve in a volunteer capacity. This presentation will provide a simple and practical model to raising and releasing the next layer of leaders in your organisation or community group.


Performance management and staff coaching are critical components of every leaders role. Managing the tension of providing input and drawing output is key. This presentation will equip you with a process that will help to unlock the full potential of your team. You will walk away with 5 key questions that you can instantly apply in your coaching conversations that will take your leadership and team members development to the next level.


Where do ideas come from? It has been said that they are the currency of the 21st Century. But what makes a good idea a great idea, and more importantly, how do you come up with one? We all wait for the “lightbulb” or “ah-huh” moment where an idea strikes. In this presentation you’ll learn the ideas process and how any person given the right tools can become an idea generator.


Your organisation is a chaotic collision of cultures! The office is where the worlds of personal and organisational culture collide. Toxic culture can be the carbon monoxide in any organisation. You may not see it or smell it, but it can be silently killing your team. In this keynote you will leave with a practical model for strengthening or reshaping your own organisations culture to bring more clarity to you and your team.

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