Why This Program?

Helping leaders build and strengthen leadership and culture through effective communication. 

Data from the 2016 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report rates culture and engagement as a major concern for the C-Suite. Top executives increasingly recognise the need for a conscious strategy to shape their corporate culture, rather than having it defined for them. Communication plays a critical role in this strategy.  

Are you experiencing?

  • Team who feel like they are being spoken ‘at’ rather than communicated with.
  • Leaders who are technically great, but lack effective communication skills.
  • ‘Communication’ as a recurring theme in engagement surveys.
  • Leaders lacking confidence in their ability to communicate.
  • Leaders operating as ‘problem solvers’ and ‘doers’ rather than ‘coaches’.
  • Leaders struggling to maximise team performance and develop people. 
  • Leaders avoiding important and difficult conversations.
  • Disengaged Team Members.
  • Negative Corridor Conversations. 
  • Resistance to Change or New Ideas. 

Often these issues are the result of leaders ‘communicating below the line’. This program will train and equip your leaders with tools and resources to communicate for change, coach for progress and have effective culture conversations. My goal is to help get your team and leaders operating above the line to create higher engagement, greater trust and lasting change.

Create momentum, strengthen commitment and support team growth through effective communication.

About the Program

The program is for organisations and leaders wanting to:

  • Leverage and grow their influence or inspire action and change.
  • Gain confidence, increase credibility and build better connection in the way they communicate. 
  • Move from operating as ‘problem solvers’ and ‘doers’ to ‘coaches’ and ‘mentors’.
  • Maximise team performance and development.
  • Master the art of difficult conversations.
  • Define and embed your ideal team or organisational culture.

The key to making progress is not simply learning the skills but the opportunity to put those skills into practice, it’s a delicate balance between expertise and exposure as both are critical. This program is delivered in three interactive and engaging training days. Information on one-to-one coaching for managers and leaders is also available upon request.  

What topics are covered in the Lead the Room™ Program:

Communicating for ChangeHelping leaders of teams increase the impact of their communication and build a strong platform for influence.

Coaching for ProgressEquipping leaders to develop their team and drive meaningful progress through effective coaching conversations.

Culture Conversations Helping leaders build and strengthen team & organisational culture through effective communication and conversations.

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