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Helping individuals and teams leverage their influence, take charge and ‘Lead the Room’ through effective communication.

It has been said that “everything rises and falls on leadership”. Great organisations understand the value that comes from developing leaders. This program does not just build capability. What makes this program unique is it’s strategic focus on the development of the leader. In this program you won’t just learn how to communicate. You will learn how to build trust and strengthen your leadership and culture.

Who is this program for?

  • Leaders with the desire to leverage and grow their influence or inspire action and change.
  • Anyone looking to gain confidence, increase credibility and build better connection in they way they communicate. 
  • Anyone who experiences the sick, sinking feeling in their stomach when asked to stand and present in front of a group and wants to make real progress in this area.

‘Reduce effort and increase impact through effective communication’

Does this sound familiar?


  • I get sick in my stomach every time I get asked to speak in front of a group
  • What if people laugh at me? 
  • What if I have nothing to say?
  • It’s just not my personality 
  • What if I lose respect?
  • What if I lose credibility? 


  • We’ve been saying the same thing over and over but it doesn’t seem to stick.
  • Our leaders are great technically but need to communicate better. 
  • We need to build more trust and commitment.
  • We are missing out on great ideas because people won’t speak up.
  • We need to communicate this organisational change the right way
  • Our team are great but they lack confidence in their ability to present

What will you Learn?

Communication is a vehicle for change. In order to influence you need to know how to transport people effectively. People want to trust the driver (Who), they want to know you are taking them somewhere valuable (What) and they want the journey to be enjoyable (How).

Key areas covered in this program include:

  • Overcoming the “Fear” Of Public Speaking 
  • The Psychology of Fear
  • Understanding Your Communication Palette
  • Discover Your P.A.G.E
  • Presentation Structure – ‘Creating a Flight Path’
  • Clarifying Your “Big Idea”
  • Connecting Your “Big Idea”
  • The Voice As A Tool 
  • The Body As A Tool 
  • Stories That Stick 
  • Stories In The Workplace  
  • Making The Most Of Technology 
  • Delivering Impromptu Speeches 
  • When Things Don’t Go To Plan
  • What To Say In A Q&A

Who I have worked with

74% of people experience some form of speech anxiety and fear of public speaking

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