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Equipping leaders to develop their team and drive meaningful progress through effective coaching conversations.

Good leaders know how to speak. Great leaders know when not to. Coaching conversations are crucial in maximising your teams performance and developing talent. Research has shown that leaders who embrace coaching conversations not only improve personal performance but see higher retention of team, greater employee engagement & development and higher productivity. However, all too often, good leaders operate as ‘problem solvers’, missing critical development opportunities for their team. Questions are a powerful tool to build stronger engagement, insight and development. Leaders who master the art of ‘coaching’ more and ‘doing’ less are those who will reap these benefits.

Who is this program for?

  • Leaders operating as ‘problem solvers’ or ‘doers’ instead of ‘coaches’ or ‘mentors’.
  • Leaders wanting to maximise team performance and development.
  • Organisations moving from performance assessments to performance conversations. 
  • Leaders wanting to engage at a deeper level with their team. 

Master the art of ‘coaching’ more and ‘doing’ less. Maximise team performance and develop talent.

What will you Learn?

Great leaders understand the value of effective coaching conversations. This program focuses on building both understanding and competency. The program explores a number of key topics including:

  • The ‘Coaching for Progress’ model.
  • Why Do I Coach? When Do I Coach?
  • Starting Conversations.
  • Building Rapport & Trust.
  • Deep listening.
  • Creating personal awareness.
  • Differentiating between the presenting problem and real challenge.
  • Dealing with the ‘anxiety’ of difficult. coaching conversations.
  • Questioning ‘Toolkit’.
  • Goal Setting and destination planning.
  • Creating pathways for progress.
  • Gaining Commitment.
  • Developing performance plans.
  • Individualising the employment experience.

Who I have worked with

Good leaders know how to speak. Great leaders know when not to.

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